on Jun 06, 16

Donald Trump is also the King of Golf Courses. Huh?

Everyone knows that Donald Trump is a very successful man in politics and in real estate but did you know that he owns numerous courses in the United States and internationally?  Well this is indeed a fact and not a rumor, Trump owns fifteen golf courses in total all over the world.  His golf courses get numerous awards yearly and some are nominated to host golf major events on the PGA (Profession Golf Association) and the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association).  Donald Trump being the man that he is, is always expanding his empire and gaining more real estate.  He is in the works to develop a golf course in Scotland that offers a possibility to stay in a room in a castle on the premises.

Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump is the executive vice president of development and acquisitions for Trump Co.  Eric Trump is the main man behind this Trump golf course dynasty but of course he learned from the best.  When Trump’s name is branded on a golf course people come running to be a part of it because they know what to expect.  Trump’s courses are notorious for their exquisite taste and attention to detail.  In the 1990’s when Trump acquired what is now Trump National Charlotte, around 300 new members flocked to join the club.  This same club now has an initiation of $80,000.  Another course the Trump Ferry Point in New York City was ranked number 2 on Golf Digests Best New Courses in 2015.  This course was on Trump’s lists as a major success he purchased this course and supported its restoration.  This is something that Trump does very successfully, he takes things that are beat down and lack hope and turn them into meccas whether it’s a golf course or an abandoned building, Trump has a knack for making investments successful.

Donald Trump has been deemed as someone who has no respect for women and also looks down at women believing he is superior to them.  This is indeed false.  The Donald Trump organization has been an avid supporter of the LPGA Tour since 2001.  Trump’s course in West Palm Beach, Trump International Golf Club was home to the season ending ADT Championship competition for eight years.  The last three years of that eight, the competition drew in a lot of spectators and it awarded over one million dollars in prize money for the LGPA competitors.  Trump’s consistent sponsorship and love for women’s golf has paved the way for the sport and has encouraged exponential growth in women’s golf and corporate sponsored women’s golf tournaments.  Trump Corporation has gotten the bid to host another women’s major event the U.S. Women’s open.  This is going to be held at his course Trump National in New York City in 2017.  For someone who is supposedly a he man woman hater he sure is very active a woman’s sport.  Even though Donald Trump is an avid golf lover and player of the game, it does not make any sense for him to invest so much time and effort into something if he did not have a passion for and wanted to succeed.  I hope this can push people to see how much respect Trump has for women, sports and the beauty of golf.

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