on May 11, 16

Republican Nominee for President

Nearly one year ago, on June 16, 2015, Donald Trump announced that he would be running for the Republican nominee for President. His slogan is “Make America Great Again”. Donald Trump projects a certain honesty in his campaign, and his policies are simple to comprehend. There’s no hidden agenda in his speeches such as in other campaigns, as he likes to place all his cards on the table.

His campaign has many topics, but most notably, he’s focused on four main topics of concern to many Americans. These issues focus on illegal immigrants to the USA, the offshoring of jobs that were previously on American soil, the US national debt, and Islamic terrorism.

Donald Trump has won many supporters for his moderate focus on social issues, which often place him against other Republican party nominees. Many call him the Democrat of the Republicans. Perhaps he has as many followers as he does enemies, but he has led a successful campaign over the past year.

His success is partially due to his celebrity status, being born into a successful family enterprise, and continuing on with many successful business deals. He has gained widespread media coverage. Love him or not, everyone has been eagerly watching his campaign.

He’s also been able to self-finance his campaign, which has certainly earned him many points—not having to take cash from the poor, or the coffers of the taxpayers. He’s not reliant on super PACs, or endorsements.

He also has a lot of his support in his belief that military veterans need to be taken care of, before illegal immigrants are. He believes in making the military strong.

There are some topics that Trump capitalizes on, as he knows almost 100% of the population of the USA will provide support for. One of these is  for the successful battle against the middle eastern Daesh terrorist group. He wants to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the US, until the situation in the middle east is resolved, or until a better background check program is put into place.

Trump also has a solution to the Affordable Care Act, and would like to see a free-market plan in place, where health providers are allowed to compete, resulting in lower costs. He also believes in legalizing medical marijuana ,and banning later term abortions.

He also wants to focus on trade, and get more favorable trade agreements for American workers, to improve the economy.

Like most high-ranking politicians, Trump is a strong Christian, and has supported many Christian groups in the US. He’s said he wants to revive that “Merry Christmas” greeting, rather than the generic “Happy Holidays”.

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